Application in printing ink
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 Pre-wetting of pearlescent pigments: The pearlescent pigments should be wetted prior to mixing the pearlescent pigments into the ink. The solvent used for wetting should be compatible with the ink system. Good wetting allows the pearlescent pigment to be evenly dispersed into the ink, which is the basis for high quality pearlescent printing. Wetting also overcomes the "dusting" phenomenon of dry powders during dispersion.
• Dispersion of pigments in ink: Pearlescent pigments have good dispersing ability. Low-speed stirring can be used in low-viscosity inks. Try to avoid the use of equipment such as three-roller, high-speed mixer or ball/bead mill. Broken and tarnished, it is recommended to mix the pigments in the final stage of ink production. When using a disperser or a high speed mixer, the mixing time per batch should be kept constant and shortest.
• Use a good transparency ink medium: Whether it is ink color or binder, transparency is an important factor affecting the pearl luster of the ink.
• The distribution characteristics of the pigments determine the effect: The more pearlescent pigments are distributed in the printed coating, the better the uniformity, the better the pearlescent effect; the other is also important: only when the pigment chips are aligned with the surface of the substrate Will get the best pearlescent effect.