Application in painting
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Application in painting:
Pearlescent pigment is suitable for most coating systems including oil, water, powder, UV curing, etc., such as automotive, motorcycle, train, bicycle and other vehicle coatings; indoor and outdoor decorative architectural coatings; mobile phones, household appliances, daily necessities, plastic substrate coatings for computers, packaging containers, etc; wood substrate coatings for furniture, decorations, etc.; surface coatings for artificial leather, leather, textiles, etc.; industrial decorative coatings for metal and non-metal substrates; powder coatings for household appliances and machinery; body painting, oil painting and art paint.
The use of pearl powder in coatings is very simple. In order to make easier disperse,  Firstly it needs to pre-wet the appropriate pearlescent pigment and then mix it in transparent substrate to obtain a pearlescent coating.
Notes should be taken when using:
1. Pearlescent products can be used in combination with transparent dyes or pigments to achieve unique and beautiful color effects, but if used in combination with opaque pigments, it will reduce pearl luster.
2. High-shear mixing or long-time mixing, the pearlescent particles will be destroyed, which is the reason for the decrease of the pearl gloss.
3. When the coating is low in viscosity, the pearlescent particles will precipitate, so please stir it when using it.
4. Because of the complementary color phenomenon, do not mix the rainbow color series of pearlescent pigment.